BH Ultimate RC

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The carbon frame weighs 1280 grs and uses ULTIMATE technology. This is one of the most evolved frames to appear over the last decade, with a classic style that hides cutting-edge race technology. Its lightness and stiffness shine through once again
                         Maximum stiffness, weight-saving, Shimano standard,PRESS-FIT BOTTOM BRACKET
                                                                                 Evo Brake mount 
A new clamp system for the rear brake significantly improves performance with an optimum attack angle. In addition, the clamp is 30% more
solid. It reduces noise and, due to the new position of the pin, also increases safety
                                                                        CARBON LAYER POSITIONING
The frame combines stiffness and lightness through the studied alignment of 2 types of carbon fibre, HM and HR, and its tube-to-tube
construction, strengthening structurally-compromised areas and lightening those that don’t need to support much weight
Color Black White (call For available Size and colors)
BH Ultimate RC