Down Hill

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Corsair Crown
MTB Suspension. Developed to compete on the World Cup DH circuit, the Corsair Crown features an a..
Rp 18,000,000
Foes Hydro
The 2:1 Mono is an aggressive design that is changing the way people think about downhill bikes. ..
Rp 31,150,000
Foes RS7
On some race courses where the terrain is more technical, the RS 7 shines. In development for two..
Rp 27,900,000
KHS DH 300
Rp 15,900,000 Rp 12,250,000
Knolly Podium
 ENGINEERED FOR YEARS TO DESTROY SECONDS. The Podium is purebred racing performance: an..
Rp 29,750,000
KTM Aphex Frame
KTM Aphex/Tribute - Alloy 6061 Hydroform F&R DH-Geometrie: H.T- /S.T- vir tuell (real) = 64┬░-..
Rp 24,000,000 Rp 20,400,000
MDR Summum Pro.T
At the heart of the Summum is a light weight performance driven frame offering the rider amazing ..
Rp 24,850,000
Pivot Phoenix
The Phoenix DH is the ultimate expression of what dw-link® suspension can do for a rider. With th..
Rp 25,500,000
Turner DHR
  This revision of the DHR bloodline has been broken down into   its essential ele..
Rp 25,300,000