Turner launches into cyclocross with new Cyclosys

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Turner launches into cyclocross with new Cyclosys

Burner also updated plus fresh 27.5+ Sultan configurations

After years of requests, Turner Bicycles is finally jumping into the cyclocross scene with the new Cyclosys, featuring a TIG-welded aluminium chassis and lots of liberally shaped tubing. Also coming from Turner is a refreshed Burner trail bike and the second coming of the Sultan 29er, which can now be had in 27.5+ flavours.

Turner may be late to the cyclocross party but the Cyclosys looks like it’ll hit the ground running with thru-axles front and rear, disc brakes, and clearance for 43mm-wide tyres (claimed) despite suitably stubby 425mm chainstays. At least for now, both thru-axles stick with the currently standard 142x12mm and 100x15mm dimensions. Meanwhile, a PF30 bottom bracket shell will leave sufficient room for an aftermarket eccentric should anyone want to go with a singlespeed setup.


The Cyclosys will mark a series of firsts for Turner, too. In addition to it being Turner’s first-ever non-suspended frame, the Cyclosys will use more liberally shaped aluminium tubing than usual, including a flattened top tube underside to help lessen the sting of shouldering, a flared seat tube for added drivetrain stiffness, and asymmetrical chainstays to boost tyre and chainring clearance without having to resort to a machined yoke.

While other Turner frames use external cable routing, the Cyclosys will also instead go fully internal with convertible aluminium ports to accommodate a wide range of drivetrain and brake configurations. Especially interesting is how the front derailleur cable pops out of the frame through a port on the backside of the seat tube above the bottom bracket shell. This not only allows riders to use standard bottom-pull derailleurs but should also collect less grass and debris than traditional setups that route the cable underneath the shell.

The internal cable routing setup can be configured for a number of different drivetrain and brake setups

Geometry is definitely on the modern end of the spectrum with 65-70mm of bottom bracket drop, depending on size, and a comparatively slack 70-72 degree head tube angle for more stable cornering.

While Turner generally manufactures its frames in the United States, the Cyclosys will instead be built overseas.

The Cyclosys will be built with liberally shaped aluminium tubing

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