Product Code: LONG RANGE PATROL 32-36T
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he MRP Long Range Patrol chain guideis packed full of features to ensure you get the most from your money. It’s a top performing chain guide that helps to reduce chain slap massively and noise and features the new ‘Party Crasher’ bash ring. The 2-chainring shiftable guide system is smooth and easy and is the best on the market at the minute, and the chain device also uses a ultra quiet urethane roller that is a fantastic feature to have a chain guide.

The chain guide uses a new raised profile on the arm which will prevent the chain from dropping off the granny ring and onto your frame which will keep both you and your bike happy; it also means that your BB shell will be kept pristine no matter how hard you ride. The MRP chain guide is easily fitted onto your bike and comes in white or black to match any bike. As well as being fantastic value for money, the chain device will ensure a scratch-free frame and BB shell and keep your mind at ease from that unwanted chain slap.

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