MORGAW Forsage Saddle Road

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FORSAGE, the performance road saddle whose shape and length in combination with a wider nose feature, offers the rider efficient bearing surface which enables the rider to find the perfect sitting position in short cardio training, on a Tri or Time trial bike, as well as long distance riding.


  • Size: 280mm (L) x 132mm (W)
  • Weight: Carbon rails - 205g, T6-AL rail - 223g
  • Shell: Nylon glass fibre reinforced
  • Cover: Microfibre available in black, silver & white colours
  • Padding: EVA
  • Fittings: AL7075 - T6
  • Label: Silicone
  • Use: Road
  • As standard each saddle comes with medium density shock absorbers and black hardware.

MORGAW saddles are attached to a unified, patented & self-supported platform based on shock absorbers. The shock absorbers are designed to absorb the impact and stress created between the rider and bicycle while riding; they are not intended to be a suspension substitute.

Saddle platform combined with shock absorbers allows the saddle to be divided into two self-supporting entities: saddle & undercarriage. The design has opened a new structure of possibilities which allow to incorporate the key performance characteristics into saddle. A key aspect of MORGAW saddles functionality is improved comfort, personal customisation, lightweight & compatibility.

The rails are interchangeable, allowing them to be replaced or upgraded and are available in UD Carbon or Forged T6 aluminium versions.

They are also customisable with bolt kits available in 10 anodised colours.

"Innovative shock absorbers take the place of padding to provide comfort at a low weight" - 4/5 stars - Full review here

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