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Sale PIVOT Mach 429 SL Carbon
  Mach 429SL Carbon Features 100mm travel dw-l...
Rp.39,600,000,- Rp.37,600,000,-
Sale PIVOT Mach 429 Trail Carbon
Mach 429 Trail Features Full carbon frame featuring le...
Rp.33,700,000,- Rp.32,000,000,-
Sale Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon
 The new Mach 5.5 Carbon builds on the legacy of our re...
Rp.38,850,000,- Rp.36,000,000,-
Sale PIVOT MACH 6 Carbon 2016
NEW Mach 6 Carbon Features Full carbon frame featuring...
Rp.39,600,000,- Rp.37,000,000,-
Sale PIVOT Phoenix DH alloy 26"
8.15" (207mm) of travel. Adjustable head angle with 0, ...
Rp.34,150,000,- Rp.23,905,000,-
Sale PIVOT Point
Riding Type Dirt Jump / Urban Si...
Rp.5,850,000,- Rp.4,850,000,-
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